When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Apr 25, 2019

Nobody wants to extract the teeth because everybody wants to have their natural and original teeth. This problem occurs because of the poor oral hygienic trauma and sometimes this is genetic also. Extraction of teeth can be a painful experience (not during the treatment but after the treatment is done). Tissues need time to recover after teeth extraction.

Now you must be having this question Why You May Need an Extraction?

Wisdom teeth: These are the unwanted teeth that grow the last on the jawline and which creates lots of problems for other teeth. This does not mean that you need to extract all the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth create a problem only when it grows even when there is no room left for it. It causes lots of problems and to solve this problem, dentists usually suggest to get it removed.

Severe Decay: When you have a cavity, it does not mean that you need to get your teeth removed. If the bacterial infected area is small, then cleaning and filling would work but if infection has gone beyond a certain limit then the dentist would suggest you to get those teeth removed.

Periodontal Disease: If you don’t follow good oral hygiene then it causes gum diseases too. One of the biggest problems with gum diseases is that cannot be reversed. This means our teeth lose the gum that cannot recover.

Now you would like to know that Benefits of Extractions

Stop Disease: There is this saying in our language which goes as follows, “one bad mango can ruin the entire basket of mangoes”. This is the same for teeth. One infected tooth can ruin all other teeth in the mouth and hence, you need to get it extracted to save the remaining unharmed teeth.

Lessens Pain: Your pain may increase if you don’t get it treated and there are chances that you may lose more teeth but, if you get your infected teeth treated then after extraction people don’t have to suffer from the pain for more than a week (maximum time it stays for).

Reverse the damage: Once you get the teeth extracted then you don’t need to worry because the dental implant can help you get artificial teeth which works just like the original ones.

People take teeth extraction in a negative way but that is not the case. In fact, it provides more benefits than just continuing your life with the infected teeth. To get more details, you should contact Smile Builder and get professional consultation.