What You Need To Know Before Getting Dentures

What You Need To Know Before Getting Dentures

Do you constantly face teeth problems? Have you lost tooth or several teeth? Are you considering getting dentures? The here are some important facts about dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are nothing but artificial teeth complete with artificial gums made based on a mold taken of your mouth by the dentist near you and tailor made in order to replace natural teeth. Dentures can replace your complete set of natural teeth or only a part of them, they can be used only at for the top row of teeth or only for the bottom and they are designed to resemble your natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

  • Permanent: Dentist near Merrillville will recommend permanent dentures as they are held in place by four to six dental implants – tiny screw-like posts of titanium metal, which are placed into the jawbone in a minor surgical procedure. Over time the metal implants fuse with the natural bone, and provide a strong foundation for your dentures to adhere to. This type of denture tends to feel more stable than removable dentures, and the adjustment period is shorter and easier.
  • Removable: Removable full dentures are held in place by suction, dental adhesive, or a combination of the two. Wearers’ remove them once or twice a day to clean them, and typically do not wear their dentures at night.

Care for removable Dentures according to Dentist in 46410:

  • Stand over a sink or a table to clean, as they can break easily if dropped.
  • Never let your dentures dry out, keep them in denture cleaner or a room temperature tap water.
  • Never use hot water to clean
  • Brush both your dentures and your gums every day before you insert them into your mouth.

Material Used for Making Dentures

Earlier, the artificial teeth that make up dentures were made out of porcelain or plastic, but more modern dentures are generally made out of a hard resin. The materials used to make denture teeth are more fragile than natural teeth and can easily chip or crack if dropped or otherwise uncared for.