What Does It Mean to Have Your Dentures Relined?

What Does It Mean to Have Your Dentures Relined?

As time progresses, dentures tend to become lesser comfortable. In order to keep them comfortable with the advent of time, denture relining is required to be done. This has to be done by an expert, possessing skills and experience to serve such services. At Smile Builder, one can find expertise service for denture relining. In the following section, various aspects of the relining process will be discussed.

Types of Denture Relining

The process of denture relining has been divided into two types. The first type is known as soft denture reline and the second type is known as hard denture reline. A brief guide on both these techniques of relining has been provided below.

  • Soft Denture Relining: This is regarded as simple and cost-friendly process for denture relining. This is ideally recommended to those who have sensitive gum tissue. The process follows layering of liquid polymer so that cushioning and depth can be given to the denture for better comfort. This relining process is simple and lesser time consuming.
  • Hard Denture Relining: The next type of denture relining is known as hard relining and it is basically opposite to the soft denture relining. With hard relining, cost becomes higher for the relining process. Nevertheless, the task could be a little time consuming. However, there are some benefits too. The longevity of relining will stay way longer than soft relining.

Importance of Dental Relines

Now, the question is why denture relines are necessary? With frequent usage, dentures become loose and thus they become little uncomfortable to stay inside mouth. Nevertheless, people also need alteration of shape of the denture, as their face structure gets changed with advent of time. For example, losing or gaining significant amount of weight can cause change in the shape of jaw. As a result, dentures would not fix into the mouth as comfortably as it is expected. This is why dental relining becomes necessary in such stage.

There is no fixed frequency of denture relines, as different persons need denture relining at different frequency of time. It depends when you start feeling uncomfortable with your denture. When you feel uncomfortable, you should visit Smile Builder.