Things You Should Know about Partial Dentures

Things You Should Know about Partial Dentures

Dec 01, 2019

A partial denture is a natural-looking dental appliance which is removable and helps to restore the form and function of your jaw by replacing one or several teeth. They are made from a combination of metal and acrylic to give them the strength to manage your needs. Partial dentures made from acrylic alone are also available but are not considered durable or structurally sound. If you need these appliances partial dentures in Merrillville, IN, can help you to make an informed decision for your unique requirements.

Why Would You Require Partial Dentures?

If you have lost one or more teeth in your mouth your biting pressure begins to shift. The remaining teeth may also move to compensate for the gap in your bite. Your physical appearance will be altered leading to problems with your other teeth. A partial denture is like modern teeth and is capable of keeping the underlying structures of your mouth active and engaged. It can prevent further shifting of the other teeth and give you the confidence of having a beautiful smile naturally.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

The options for replacing missing teeth can be expensive and invasive but partial dentures can help you to overcome both these drawbacks. They certainly require plenty of maintenance but are easy to get accustomed to and do an excellent job of restoring functionality and beauty that part of the mouth without teeth.

Partial dentures are a suitable solution when the other teeth in your mouth are healthy. Attempts should always be made to retain your natural teeth but if it is not an option a full denture may be the best solution for you.

Partial dentures usually have replacement teeth attached to an acrylic or metal base that match the color of your gums. They also have some form of clasp that is attached to your natural teeth and can be removed for cleaning or storing when you sleep during the night.

Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures in Your Mouth?

The designing of a partial denture is for a seamless smile and therefore sleeping with them is not recommended. It is also possible that you could be grinding and clenching your teeth when sleeping which can cause damages not just to your natural teeth but also to the partial denture. These are designed to be worn when you are awake when the need for smiling is a necessity. They should also be cleaned outside the mouth to remove any food particles around them. Moreover, your gums need time to rest and recover just as you need the appliance to smile properly. Therefore removing them when sleeping is the better choice.

It Is Possible to Have Food with Partial Dentures?

Giving you the form and function of natural teeth is the goal of partial dentures. You will require some time to become accustomed to the appliance but eventually, you will be able to enjoy most foods you love. It is suggested that you begin with soft foods and take care to chew slowly from both sides of the mouth. Try to avoid hard and sticky foods that may potentially bring upon you the need for partial denture treatment, IN, 46010 because you may have damaged them.

How Much Will Partial Dentures Cost?

The overall cost of the partial denture will be determined by your unique requirements. However, they are certainly a cost-effective option for most patients especially with the low prices being offered by many dentists. Therefore, you can expect to receive competitive prices for the partial dentures you are seeking to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. When compared to other options like dental crowns or implants which may be suggested by the dentist this is an affordable option which you will prefer. If you choose the right variety from partial dentures in Merrillville, IN, you would have made an investment that will provide you several benefits which you would have lost along with the missing teeth.

Advances in dentistry have made it possible for people to replace missing teeth in their mouths to overcome issues with speaking, eating, and most importantly smiling. If you are facing a similar problem you should be contacting the dentist for partial dentures in Merrillville, IN, for the replacements you need that will help you to be a normal self all over again.