Simple Tips To Follow When Eating with Your New Dentures

Simple Tips To Follow When Eating with Your New Dentures

Nov 01, 2019

After multiple visits to the denture service near you and many appointments with the dental office in Merrillville, IN you finally, have the brand-new dentures in your mouth. Your overall appearance will be much better because you have an entire set of teeth back in your mouth. While the dentures may look and feel great using them is an entirely different matter. You would have been provided with the after denture guideline that will provide you information about how you can eat with your dentures.

It may take about a week for you to become accustomed to the dentures because they may have an unnatural feeling. However, if you follow the simple tips we are providing you will begin to enjoy your favorite foods within a short period. The after denture guidelines would have similar tips that you are recommended to follow without exceptions.

What Are The Steps You Should Follow When Eating with New Dentures?

Starting Slowly Is Recommended

During the initial days, we recommend you begin by having a liquid diet including items like applesauce, soup, pudding, oatmeal, and similar foods. Attempting to chew immediately can be uncomfortable and harmful to your sensitive gums. Therefore you must provide yourself some time to become accustomed to the dentures before you progress to solid food.

Chewing Evenly

People have a habit of chewing on one side of the mouth than the other. As a denture wearer, it can make the prosthetic slip out of place. As you begin having solid foods you must chew slowly and use both sides of your mouth. This will help to keep the dentures stable and ultimately you will develop the habit of eating from both sides of your mouth as a matter of habit.

Smaller Pieces of Food Are Better Suited To Your Needs

Cutting your food into smaller pieces even as you begin to learn how to chew with dentures will make your job of eating easier without putting pressure on your gums while they are attempting to adjust.

Exercise Caution With Hot Liquids

Everyone loves hot coffee and chocolate but you must exercise caution when having them immediately after you have received your new dentures. These liquids have an insulating quality that can prevent you from realizing how hot they are until it is too late. Begin by having small sips of the drink to ensure it is safe.

Be Careful With Tough Foods

When you have new dentures in your mouth it can be difficult for you to chew red meat. It will, therefore, be a good idea to make sure the meat has been cooked slowly over an extended period. Alternatively, you can consider having foods that are easier to chew such as chicken, eggs, fish, and legumes.

Sticky Foods Can Be concerning

Your dentures can easily trap sticky foods like candies, peanut butter, certain berries, and gum. Such instances can cause irritation and infection. While you will not be restricted from having them your dentist in denture Merrillville, IN would have advised you to clean your mouth and dentures thoroughly after having such sticky foods.

Some Soreness Can Be Expected

Even if you decide to take things nice and easy you are still demanding a lot from your body when getting accustomed to your new dentures. You can expect some soreness in your jaw and gums during the process. If you experience persistent or severe pain in a particularly sore spot you must contact your dentist immediately because the dentures may need some adjustments.

The tips provided along with some patience on your part will make it possible for you to eat normally within a few weeks. It is not simple to learn how to chew with new ventures but it is certainly better than going through your life with multiple missing teeth. The dentures will help you to begin enjoying dinner with your family and friends without concerning you about being an extra addition in your mouth.

Having fitted yourself with dentures would have left you happy that you could enjoy everything without any hindrances. Staying away from the problems associated with dentures will become easy if you follow the suggestions made in this article and even make you forget the money you invested in the dentures.