Recovery Following A Tooth Extraction

Recovery Following A Tooth Extraction

Jun 16, 2019

Getting a tooth extracted from your mouth is a big deal. But what follows is equally important. Once the tooth extraction is done, the dentist will give you a piece of gauze to bite down lightly on. This will help you form a blood clot in the area. It will also prevent bleeding and aid the healing process by making it more effective. If you haven’t got you tooth extraction done in Merrillville yet, schedule an appointment at Smile Builders. We have some of the best Merrillville dentists here.

If you have got your tooth extracted here are some of the tips that will help you recover faster and better than ever:

Do not Smoke: Do not smoke. At all. It will not just hurt your dental health but it will also increase your risk of having a heart attack and other chronic illness. Smoking has never done any good for anyone. It is likely that you will hamper the area where the tooth has been extracted by smoking.

Avoid poking the area – Gums get sensitive after the tooth extraction and it becomes easy to damage it. Make sure you do not get into a habit of poking the area with your tongue or any other object for better recovery.

Use lightly salted water – Make a mix of warm salted water and apply it really gently on the affected area to clean it. Do not press it or clean it aggressively or else there is a chance that you will dislodge the clot.

Continue brushing – Avoid the extracted area and brush gently. It is advised as it cleans the other teeth and avoids any chances of infection.

There are so many other suggestions that the dentist near you will give you in order to take care of your extracted tooth. Make sure you take their advice before following this as they personally have handled your case and knows what is best for you. In case of any other doubts and queries, schedule an appointment at Smile Builders or just give us a call. We are always here to help you in all the ways we can to keep your dental health good.