Aug 01, 2019

The dental implants are one of the durable and natural-looking options for replacing your missing tooth. They have many advantages over dentures and bridges. If you have opted for implants to get your missing tooth replaced, you must have some information regarding their maintenance, so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Most patients ask the dental specialists about how to take care of implants. One of the best things about implants is that you can care for them, just like your natural teeth. Let’s have a look at some tips shared by the dental implant professionals for taking care of your implants.

  • Brushing and Flossing

Once you get the implants, you must keep brushing your teeth, just like you did before. Though there is no risk of decay in implants, the plaque and tartar buildup can still happen. You must prevent that from happening with the help of regular dental hygiene routine.

Brush your teeth twice a day, with a soft-bristled brush using a small amount of mild toothpaste. Make gentle and circular strokes, so that the enamel and gums are not hurt and damaged. You also need to floss your teeth after brushing, at least once a day so that food debris and plaque deposited in between the teeth can be removed.

  • Regular Visit to Dentist

The next thing to do is visit the dentist in every 6 months for dental cleaning and examination. The dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly and make them fresh and clean. They will also inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of underlying dental issue so that it can be treated on time.

  • Special Tools and Instructions

The dentist near me may recommend some special tools for cleaning the implants if you are at the risk of developing gum disease. You must make sure to follow the instructions given by the dentist for optimum care of implants. Following the tips will help in keeping your Implant Restoration in Merrillville and their surrounding tissues healthy. This way you will be able to enjoy them for longer.