A guide to damaged Dentures

A guide to damaged Dentures

Sep 01, 2019

Dentures are artificial gums and teeth that are customised according to one’s mouth, if the teeth are broken or lost. Dentures are usually created by the dentist near you and can either replace all teeth on either the top or bottom gum line, or just a few that are missing. Smile Builder dental studio in Merrillville customise dentures to fit the patient’s mouth, and visually match it to their existing teeth. Dentures can be a delicate and fragile piece of equipment, as they go through lot of stress and strain and can sometimes break. However, they can be easily repaired.


There are mainly 2 main methods available to fix a broken denture:

  • DIY denture repair kit
  • visit dentist for a professional denture repair.

One may be very tempted to get their dentures repaired fast, considering the amount that dentists charge. However, one important point to note when getting dentures repaired using a DIY method is that the patient run the risk of causing further damage to their dentures. Which in turn will make it difficult for the dentist to complete the professional repair, which will be more costly in the long run.

If a denture is damaged in the form of a broken tooth, and one wants to try a DIY method, there are many products available to restore various false teeth repairs and in the case of a broken tooth, even super glue can be applied. The process is simple and one should first prepare the surface for the denture repair glue by completely washing and drying the denture and tooth fragment. After this, one should apply a small amount of the glue and attach the tooth making sure it is in the correct position. One should first let it dry and then wear the dentures.

However, if one has cracked or fractured their denture plate, it is not as good a candidate for DIY denture repair. In this case, the denture has to be put together exactly how it was originally. If one wants a common temporary fix, repair kits can be purchased at drugstores and online which can fix almost any kind of damage to dentures.

The other method is to visit the dentist for a professional denture repair. Sometimes it can be done in one visit but other times dentist may have to send it away to the lab for repair. At the dental studio, dentists have access to all the correct equipment, adhesives, acrylics and replacement teeth to give one the best result possible.

Things to remember If Your Dentures Brake

Broken dentures may seem to be a tiny problem that one can fix with their screwdriver, but one should avoid trying it. If there’s even a small break, one should visit a dentist. A tooth may need to be adjusted to close the gap. This is something that requires the skill of a professional dentist. If one tries to fix themselves, it may make the problem worse, which would mean more cost and problems. One important thing to keep in mind is to never use any type of commercial glue on the false teeth as it often contains harmful chemicals that pose health risks, especially if ingested. Dentist in Merrillville, Indiana recommend to keep the dentures in best shape possible and visit them if there are any problems.

Possible Risks & Complications

If a dental technician or a dentist performs the repairs, there shouldn’t be any risks. However, if one attempt to perform the repairs on their own, there could be a number of complications. There are a number of DIY kits available in the market, which should be used by patients. Repairing broken dentures require specific skills, although the materials in a DIY kit are quite similar to those used at the dental studio. Unfortunately, restoring botched repair work will be difficult or may not be possible for dentists or dental technicians. In such cases, the dentures should be replaced, which can cost more. Chemicals, such as adhesives and industrial sealants should never be used to restore dentures together as these chemicals are harmful and may burn the mouth or create other issues. Therefore, one should never attempt on repairing dentures on their own.